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Originally my idea was to simply convey a mood of desolation and loneliness.

During summertime the landscape could look very inviting, and it would have elements that all people find attractive in a natural scene, such as water, focal point and a visual path. But now it's autumn, and the distant city isn't expecting any visitors.

During the development process I found a short story called 'Bethmoora' by lord Dunsany (1910), and felt that the atmosphere was very relevant. A mysteriously lost beautiful civilisation, abandoned somewhere in the wilderness was a very inspiring concept and helped me decide on what the end result should look like.

I also took inspiration from Roman and Etruscan architectures and modified them to create a unique look to my version of Bethmoora. Copper embellishments and rough stone chunks tell a story of something that was built to last, but for reasons we will never know, didn't quite make it.

View the development diary here.

During this project I used Mudbox and WorldMachine for the first time and learnt a lot! All textures are 1024x1024, except for the colourmap on the landscape (2048x2048).

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